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Our Story

In 2005, we started out with the question of: “in a perfect world, how would you do this right?” remodeling, that is.  We were not new to construction, or remodeling for that matter, we had been in and around all facets of construction for over a decade professionally and grown up in the business as a third-generation craftsman, but we thought that there must be a better way.  The attempt to answer that question is what continues to drive us forward, to grow, to evolve, always striving for the right way, a better way to do this thing that we do.


We are a like minded assortment of tradespeople, craftspeople, designers, carpenters, project managers and more, with disparate backgrounds and experiences that add richness to our processes and the solutions we develop especially when combined with your own background and set of experiences.  Want to discuss literature?  How about opera? Helicopter aerodynamics? Yogic philosophy?  Cooking? Energy efficient construction? Fishing?  We have those topics covered, and more.  It’s the things that make us all individuals that we feel gives us all something in common, and we are always in search of that commonality that common thread, that sense of community.

Remodeling takes construction tasks and the skills to accomplish them and adds the twist of our jobsite being in the middle of your home, and we never forget that.  We recognize that your home is your most valuable asset, and that you have entrusted us with taking it completely apart and putting it back together again, often while you are living in it. 

Thank you.

We believe that teamwork, customer service and communication are the foundation

of what we do, and why we are successful. 

We believe that when we combine our talents and perspectives with those of others the results are more than the sum of its parts, e.g. 1+1+1= 5 or even 7. 

We believe in the golden rule; that by treating your home like our own and communicating with you as we would want you to communicate with us, we can do this right, correctly, better, always improving.

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