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What makes a project more, or less expensive?

Essentially the answer to this question comes down to the scope of work for the project we are looking at. Let’s look at a bathroom remodel for example and assume that we are not moving walls or the locations of plumbing fixtures, the only differences then are the finishes and fixtures that are being used.  Bathroom vanity cabinets can range from a couple hundred dollars to well into the thousands of dollars, same with bathtubs or showers and their surrounds:  Is it a cast iron tub with a tile surround with built in soap niches, or is it a multipiece acrylic surround from the home center?  Is it a traditional tile shower pan and hand made tile surround with soap niches and a built-in bench, or the multipiece acrylic surround again?  Heated tile floor, or sheet vinyl? Lighted mirror with a medicine cabinet or a framed mirror hung on the wall?  The list goes on and the examples are many, but all go on to illustrate that the design choices and finishes that are selected in this example are what drives the cost of the project.  You can do a bathroom remodel for as little as $5,000.00, but you could also spend $45,000.00 in the exact same room, they won’t look anything alike, but both are a bathroom remodel.

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