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How big is your team and are they employees or subcontractors?


Our team includes a mix of both direct employees and subcontractors, and we regularly have as many as thirty to forty people come through a job.  Direct employees do all facets of management work both in the office and in the field as well as the bulk of the carpentry whereas the subcontractors we employ are tradespeople and craftspeople, think of them as the more specialized skill sets, or those that require a specific license, such as electricians, plumbers, and gas pipers (believe me, no one wants an unlicensed cut rate gas piper in their home).  The team that will be in your home will always start out with a Lead carpenter and a helper, both employees, other carpenters and helpers, employees again, will come and go as needed to facilitate the production schedule for your project, and the subtrades and subcontractors, who we work with all the time, are brought in as needed.

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