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Our Process

Step one.
For us it really all starts with a phone call, let's have a chat and talk about your project. 


What are your hopes and dreams?  What do you want to accomplish?  What problems do you want to solve?  And how will this remodel help you solve them?  What is the most important consideration for your project: budget? quality? schedule?
Step two.
This step usually involves a visit to your home.  Let’s meet up so we can see your space, experience what your challenges are and see firsthand the problems you need to solve.  We will dig deep to make sure we understand what it is you need to accomplish and how this remodel will help you resolve that need.  We will talk about when you want to be finished with your project and look at ways that we can achieve that.  We will talk about budget to make sure that the project we design together is one you can afford to do.

Step three.

The concept.

We develop a scope of work that fits your budget.  We use the budget we established in earlier steps, along with the desires you have shared and the problems that need to be solved to create a written scope of work for your remodel that matches your budget.


Step four.

We meet again. 

In this meeting we will discuss the scope of work we developed with your input and the associated budget and walk you through what that project will look like, types of fixtures, finishes and what you can expect your project to include.


Step five.

The design process.

This is where the fun really starts, and our designers get to work. With the pre-established budget and scope of work, the designers work with you to move walls, make selections, add windows, doors, even whole rooms to bring your project to life.  Now we open the online portal to you so you can follow along on your project, see when decisions are required of you and communicate with the rest of the team to move your project forward. 


When  this step is complete you will have permit ready plans for your remodel, specifications of the fixtures you have selected, layouts for the cabinets you want and a list of finishes that includes countertops, paint colors, wallpaper, flooring and more, right down to the pulls on your cabinets and the knobs on your doors.  Additionally you will have a production schedule, and the offer of a fixed price contract to perform the work that has been planned for you, to your specifications, and to your budget, so you can rest assured that we will do the remodel that you want, for the price you have agreed to, and that it will be done in a timely manner.


Step six.

The production process, or the remodel itself.

As you can see, we have quite the process to get this far, this ensures that by the time we get this far, your project is well planned, thought out and considered; all the steps up to this point have been designed to minimize surprises and the disruptions that are inherent when undertaking a remodel.  Now we assign a lead carpenter to your project, think of them as your very own representative of TBH Sterling Inc., your lead carpenter will be your daily guide through the production phase of your remodeling project.  Also, now is when we turn the production calendar in your online portal live, all the players: subs, suppliers, tradesmen, everyone involved in your project, now knows, its happening.


Your lead carpenter will be the onsite manager and will work out a schedule for weekly meetings with you to review your project, so those questions that you come up with throughout the week, or over the weekend, have a convenient and predictable time for answers.  They will also establish with you a set of ground rules for your project, start and stop times, location for stored materials and debris, and establish a method of regular communication that works for everyone.

While we have gone through the process and designed your project to your liking, it is normal, and okay to change your mind from time to time.  Maybe you found a great deal on your dream stove (don’t laugh, I can still remember what it looked like, those big red knobs and all that stainless steel) and we need to make some changes to accommodate it, or you found some amazing hand made light fixtures that you want to add.  We are happy to make changes and accommodations.  All changes to the scope of work and budget will be in writing, agreed to ahead of time, so you know before you agree to them, what they will cost.  Any changes can be tracked along with the rest of your budget right in your online portal, where you have 24/7 access to your project.

As the job nears substantial completion your lead carpenter will be making and keeping lots of lists to ensure that nothing gets missed and your project will complete on time.  One of these lists will be a walkthrough inspection checklist, utilizing this checklist, you and your lead carpenter will go over the entire project and determine any remaining items to complete, touch ups to perform, and any adjustments to make.  Once the items in this list are complete, your project is complete, your home is yours again, and you are through with us, almost.

Step seven.

Warranty period. 

While you may be ready for us to be gone, we aren’t gone for good, we’re still there when you need us.  As part of our warranty process we like to schedule up to three walkthroughs during the first-year post-production, one at 30 days, one at 6 months, and one at 11 months.  There are items that show up as your house settles into its new form and we move through the seasons, that are perfectly normal and easily rectified, we’re there to take care of those things that pop up as time goes by.

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