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Project: Kirkland Kitchen Remodel


This project came to us from our friends at Atelier Drome Architecture and Interior Design, our clients were newly married and ready for a project.  The existing cabinets and countertops were nice enough, but the kitchen was completely cut off from the living area by a large chimney that went full height and dominated the space. In what is now a dramatic wall of windows looking out on the park like back yard was a single door to the backyard and a small garden window, to add to the closed off darkness that was, the ceiling over that part of the kitchen had been framed down, so it was dark, closed off and cramped feeling.  Adding the wall of windows with French doors and removing the large chimney brought the light through the whole space from the living room the new dining area and right through the kitchen.  The living room floor, originally sunken, was raised to the level of the kitchen and new wide plank flooring was run throughout the main floor tying everything together.  The custom milled balustrade and handrail for the stairs helps to carry the new darker floor finishes both up and down stairs.

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